About Us


Hello and welcome to "Ramblings".

Multiple System Atrophy had rocked the very core of our home for several years. Where we thought we were strong, we've struggled for strength, where we thought we had faith, we struggled for clarity, and where we searched for support, we've circled our wagons and tried to
explain the unexplainable. We are thankful for the good days and fearful of the not-so- good days. The disease comes in ebbs and flows. We find ourselves sometimes worrying about what will happen next. Grumps, as my love is affectionately called, fears that he may not see another grandchild come into the world or the Dodgers win a World Series (thank goodness the Cubs did it!). He won't see Henry, the little prince, graduate from high school or drive his first car, nor will he be able to teach Hen
how to play golf.

Our life is not for the faint of heart!

We have open communication when we feel safe to share, but we have also learned that most people are not prepared to handle the reality of our life. So, through this, we share ... gently.